Belatedly…A Bloggy Announcement

It’s been quiet around here the last few days (and more or less for a while).

The highly episodic nature of this blog for the last few months has been due to the usual stuff — summer, then the sheer joy of the start of the fall semester, combined with the shock of a new gig at the ‘tute.  But over the last couple of days something else has been going on…

and that is, thanks to the very kind (and/or certifiable) hospitality of John Cole, I’m guest blogging over at Balloon Juice.  I’ve put up a couple of posts there so far, with more to come.

So, while I’ll try to be more conscientious than I’ve been to flag posts over there over here, that’s where you should check in for my stuff — and all the rest as well.  It’s a great place to hang on the nets, and I’m honored and very happy to be sending stuff that way. (I’ve been talking thuggery and Godwin, but if you want to check out a relaxation, politics-free post on good science writing, the Krebs cycle, and how many hydrogen atoms died for this post, check this one out.

Image:  Abraham Solomon, “(Travelling) First Class” 1862


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3 Comments on “Belatedly…A Bloggy Announcement”

  1. Richard Shindledecker Says:

    Like I said Tom – I’m watching – and always happy to read you.

  2. Jim Bales Says:


    Congrats on the move–I’m looking forward to more good stuff there!


  3. Batocchio Says:

    I read BJ all the time, but I hope you’ll keep this site going, for pieces like the Haldeman live-blogging and such that might not fit over there, if nothing else.

    On a related note, I appreciated your recent “Godwin” posts, since I’ve written a few pieces on the Holocaust, including one on the T4 “euthanasia” program and the propaganda films the Nazis made to try to sell those to the public. It’s darkly ironic to see right-wing bigots using language about cultural or racial purity claiming their opponents are Nazis. If you’ll forgive a few more self-links:

    (I’ve also got a post on the use and abuse of Godwin’s Law, naturally, but that’s linked in the second post.) As far as I’m concerned, keep those Godwin posts coming!

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