4 Comments on “An Epitaph for Journalism — Mystery Quote: Who’s being dissed, and by whom.*”

  1. aimai Says:

    I’m going to guess Mencken, but its not quite flowery enough.


  2. aimai Says:

    Ok, I was wrong–but that just gives me a chance to say run, don’t walk, over to the “good Roger Ailes” site to compliment him on the greatest pun of all time about Howie Kurtz:

    “The Beast With Two Hacks.”

    That is all.


  3. Thony C. Says:

    My all time favourite quote is HST’s

    “When the going gets weird the weird turn pro.”

  4. Jim Bales Says:


    Best of luck with your visiting committee, may it go smoothly! Speaking of DeLong, his recent posting on Greg Mankiw

    “Greg says that it’s worth it for him to write columns if they generate $2000 in net bequeathed wealth in 2040 but not if they generate $1,000. But that shouldn’t be why anybody writes columns. Indeed, if people write columns not because they are driven to inform and educate their readers but rather because it is a way to make money to leave to their children–well, then those columns will be written not to inform but to entertain, and so they will be worthless as sources of information and education (rather than as sheer entertainment) to their readers.”

    “I do not think society can survive if the voices writing on political-economic issues in our public sphere are doing so not to inform but merely to entertain. I think that society can only survive if those who write columns are driven by a geas to make Americans better-educated citizens but rather to leave more wealth to your children. We ought to write columns not because we think our children will need extra money in thirty years, but because we think our fellow-citizens need better information now.”

    “Indeed, I don’t think America can long survive if we treat our contracts with newspapers merely as ones in which we craft words qnd they pay us money, and in which we craft our words to make as much money as we can.”

    Or, in the words of Taylor Mali, in his poem “What Teacher’s Make, “You want to know what I make? … I make a goddamn difference! What about you?”


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