Real Manly Presidents Don’t Hug…Which Means The Deciderer is …. What?

Via Balloon Juice channeling Oliver Willis (update: whom, I now see, had the same thought) comes this gem from Larry Kudlow:

Am I the only one who saw weakness when President Obama and his departing chief of staff Rahm Emanuel gave each other big, fat, full-bore hug following their speeches at the resignation event in the White House’s East Room on Friday?

Answer:  Yes,

You are the only one who thinks that, you sexually terrified old hack. (Assumptions not in evidence, but what the hell, it’s my blog.)

I think the hug lacked dignity. It did not send a message of American power and forcefulness. So I fret about the reaction around the world to this kind of fraternity-like emotionalism in full public view.

That would be because the rest of the world responds so viscerally to American displays of such manly vigor.

Exhibit A:

And for commentary, let me turn to official Inverse Square analyst, Dr. M. Python:

Why not just a dignified, stand-up, serious handshake? That’s what Reagan would have done. A strong handshake shows friendship, respect, and even affection. But a big fat hug seems to go over the line.

And he should know.  Here’s Kudlow, explaining why John McCain is our president today:

McCain is much more than a POW who somehow survived the Hanoi Hilton. He is a true military man. It flows through his veins, posing a whopper of a problem for Hillary or Obama. Guaranteed, there will be no chicken-hawk taunts.

And here’s how such a man interacts with a member of species Accipiter cooperii:

And last, let me pose a challenge.  Go ahead, Larry Kudlow.  I dare you.  Tell these guys that their big fat hugs eliminate their claim to American power and forcefulness.

I’ll sell tickets:

Alternatively, just shut up.

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11 Comments on “Real Manly Presidents Don’t Hug…Which Means The Deciderer is …. What?”

  1. […] Tom Levenson, whom I love because he adds a dash of Latin to his economics; here’s Oliver Willis; […]

  2. Pretty funny! I agree with the thrust of this.

    I’ve seen the decider and McCain’s clutch before.

    Is there any chance its photoshopped?

    • aimai Says:

      No, I remember being struck by it at the time, during contemporary coverage of the much watched “make up” scene between the two men. It was actually part of the orchestrated coming together of the party after the horrendous backstabbing and smearing that McCain had endured in the South Carolina primary–during which, if you will remember, Bush had Rove reveal that McCain’s wife was a drug abuser and also push poll/leaflet with the false story that McCain’s adopted bangladeshi daughter was his illegitimate black love child. Unless you are Strom Thurmond that’s a heavy lift and one that killed McCain in SC.


  3. Thony C. Says:

    Game, Set and Match!

  4. Ian Preston Says:

    Why not just a dignified, stand-up, serious handshake? That’s what Reagan would have done.

    Yes, that’s what Reagan would have done.

    • syphax Says:


      But consider the manly, upright pose! The spread fingers, projecting strength! The bared teeth, indicating power, like a shark circling in the water! And don’t forget the liberally applied Grecian formula!

    • Tom Says:

      What syphax sez. Bravo

  5. retr2327 Says:

    That was downright pithy.

  6. This might be this blogs best piece on here

  7. Dystopian Says:

    May be the greatest read I have seen…

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