Further to the MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing’s Stealth Rise To World Domination: Boston Globe edition

Not to toot one’s own horn or anything so vulgar, but it is with great pleasure that I find that MIT’s Grad Program in Science Writing could preen in the reflected glory of three of our graduates, seemingly taking over the Boston Globe’s science coverage this Monday.

Here is Emily Anthes (MIT SM 2006 and new PLoS One blogger) on childhood mental illness. (Sidebar here.)

Here is Courtney Humphrey (MIT SM 20o4, and author of the very well received Superdove) on the pros and cons of saliva as a wound palliative.

And here is Globe science reporter and MIT SM 2004 Carolyn Johnson on the virtues for a range of research of the South African frog Xenopus.

Two things:  this array of stories is one of the reasons I flat out love science writing — the doing of it, teaching it, reading it.  No other beat I know has such range, riches and human consequence.  And then there is the pleasure of seeing those you’ve worked with going out and having such fun with it.

It’s a good day (and moment) to go teach the first class to next year’s crop of MIT science writers.  See y’all.

Image:  Marzipan frog made by one of the chefs at the Cordon Bleu school in Paris. Photograph by Musical Linguist.

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2 Comments on “Further to the MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing’s Stealth Rise To World Domination: Boston Globe edition”

  1. Emily Anthes Says:

    Ha! That’s the best possible visual you could have used. Yum, marzipan.

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