Curse You Carl Zimmer: Vicious Distraction Edition

So, a day or so ago Carl Zimmer tweets the existence of the Netflix iPhone app, boasting of the loss of his productivity.

A Trojan horse if there ever was one.

What a way to clear out potential writing competition.

Downloaded the app today.

Found myself watching episode one of the first season of Miami Vice.

I am fail.

Curse you, Carl Zimmer!

May the mosquito of vengeance hum in your ear from now to the time of the first better than break even human made fusion reactor. (Twenty years off since 1960 and counting.)

Image:  Robert Duncanson, “Blue Hole, Little Miami River” 1851 — and yeah, I know about which Miami it is.  Sometimes you gotta stretch.

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2 Comments on “Curse You Carl Zimmer: Vicious Distraction Edition”

  1. John Powell Says:

    Nondenial Denial

    Radiation levels do exist, they say,
    But it is deemed safe for man today
    To use a cell phone close to the head.
    Hold it there while in your bed
    Or in your car as you drive along.
    Just dial your number, hum your song,
    But all the while you hum, it’s humming, too.
    Radiation exposure is cooking you–
    Your brain is cooking by this microwave,
    But little information of it science gave.

    They discovered, or rather proved, the harm;
    Too late they are with their alarm.
    One billion users are cooking their brain;
    One billion users are going insane,
    For though the sellers do admit,
    No information of total harm do we get.
    So many of us use this little device
    That science has proven by many mice
    To have ill effect upon the brain.
    What a dilemma in those thought sane!


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