A Little Mud Slinging (Zoology Section) Whilst Working on the Next Burst of Outrage.

The soundtrack from my youth:

Much that was obscure about my personality defects is now explained, no doubt.

See y’all tomorrow.

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7 Comments on “A Little Mud Slinging (Zoology Section) Whilst Working on the Next Burst of Outrage.”

  1. jim Says:

    OT for the post, but having read Newton and the Counterfeiter, I thought you might be interested in a recent rash of stories about one in 36 British pound coins being counterfeit today.


    Did Challoner have any kids? 🙂

    • Tom Says:

      Chaloner is thought to have children (his biographer writes that he abandoned his wife and kids when he started making it as a forger). No word on what happened to them.

      I did know about the rash of modern coin forgeries — it’s delightful in a kind of “Really!?” way. I actually wrote about this in the Daily Telegraph last year in the context of a quick tour through the history of counterfeiting — I used older figures that suggested 2 percent of circulating pound coins were bogus: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/6044714/In-the-pursuit-of-easy-money.html

  2. Ottovbvs Says:

    “Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.” Perhaps they should play this at all those tea party gatherings.

  3. Stolen Dormouse Says:

    We must have had similar youths–Flanders & Swann, and I bet Tom Lehrer and the glorius Anna Russell with her “Guide to the Ring” (Wagner’s cycle, not Tolkein’s trilogy).

    However, being a science-oriented blog, you should have posted Flanders & Swann’s song on thermodynamics, with the chorus, “And that’s a Natural Law!”

  4. Thony C. Says:

    I grew up on Flanders & Swann and love them, however my favourite version of “The Hippopotamus Song” is from Ian Wallace.

    • Tom Says:

      For me, childhood memory trumps any claim of actual, you know, musical sophistication or bravura performance.

      Whenever Dad put on “At the Drop of a Hat,” a chorus of yums went around the table.

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