Video wonderfulness of the Day: Jane Austen…Blood, Guts, No Corsets Edition

Via the often imitated, never equalled Jen Luc Piquant (nom de blog of this Author), this reinterpretation of my most re-read novelist:

See.  I still love you.

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6 Comments on “Video wonderfulness of the Day: Jane Austen…Blood, Guts, No Corsets Edition”

  1. Laurel Ann Says:

    Love your sense of humor. Posted this on my blog. Janeites are consuming it like syllabub across the net. Well done. I particularly like the disengaged look of the young lady in pink on the left. *yawn* She really needed the Jane Austen fight club.

    This must have taken months to put together.


  2. Oliver Willoughby Oglethorpe III Says:

    You might to want to give ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ a read.

  3. Batocchio Says:

    Awesome. I’m seeing this one pop up a few places.

  4. lianamerlo Says:

    Fanny’s got some class.

  5. Deborah Testa Says:

    Yes: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It’s very well done.

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