Because I Can: You’ll Hate Yourself For Loving This/Truly Awesome Song-Video Combo

Driving back from the best low-tide beach on the North Shore on Sunday, (and no, it’s crowded enough and I ain’t going to tell), my son dozing in the back street, the radio on, and what should I hear to cast me back 30 years and more to Dr. Demento days back beside that perfect left coast bay?

Why this, of course:

You can thank me later.

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3 Comments on “Because I Can: You’ll Hate Yourself For Loving This/Truly Awesome Song-Video Combo”

  1. wayneandwax Says:

    someone played this on the radio?!

    i confess to wanting to know the names of the station and the beach in question. our lil family of four won’t crowd it too much, promise!

  2. Tom Says:

    For you: no problem. See your email. (I’m serious about this sh*t!)

  3. Tom Says:

    Posted here for Dr. Drang, who for some reason couldn’t persuade WordPress to accept it from the source:

    As soon as I saw the words “Fish Heads,” the song began playing in my head, even though I haven’t heard it in about 30 years.

    Back before VCRs, students at the University of Illinois (and other schools, I presume) went to $1.50 movies that ran in the lecture halls on Friday and Saturday nights. They were fundraisers for various campus organizations. The more serious groups also ran short subjects before the main feature, and “Fish Heads” was a favorite. Yum!

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