Sublime to … I don’t know quite how to characterize this one

After yesterday’s Woody fest, I really shouldn’t do this, but outsourced entirely to someone with whom I dare not enter into a weirdness duel, check out Tintin’s malicious cruelty in the dissemination of perhaps the most grotesque ever attempt at pop profundity.

I know that’s going a bit, but still…consider the lyric that Tintin had the evil pleasure of highlighting:

What for are we losing?
Only Mr God knows why
But his phone today is out of range

I listened carefully, and yes she does utter those words — but my personal highlight comes with the singing washerwomen (not to mention the prancing accordianist, which practice is, I  believe, governed by the Geneva Convention.)

Enjoy at your own risk.

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One Comment on “Sublime to … I don’t know quite how to characterize this one”

  1. Jim Bales Says:

    I’m gobsmacked …

    In fact, my brain hurts.


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