Happy Birthday, Woody Guthrie

Just thinking about Woody’s birthday makes me wish he could have written about Arizona and the new too-bloody-familiar hate on some of the least privileged in our midst.

Ah well:  he’s gone, but the music, and the ideas are still here.

Yes we will.

And the inevitable bonus track:

And hell, why not one more:

And for just one tiny measure of Woody’s ongoing power and influence, this:

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2 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Woody Guthrie”

  1. […] to … I don’t know quite how to characterize this one After yesterday’s Woody fest, I really shouldn’t do this, but outsourced entirely to someone with whom I dare […]

  2. Andrew Curry Says:

    If you haven’t heard the My Dusty Road boxed set yet, it’s a revelation; recorded from a set of masters which had lain untouched in a Brooklyn basement for forties years, the sound is as clear as if he has just recorded the songs last week. The freshness makes the radical intent even more obvious than on all of those muddy compilations I grew up listening to.


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