And Why Should the Brits Have All The Fun? Weird Election Video/Return of the Demon Sheep edition

From the California Democrats comes a reprise of what I must admit is a true surrealist classic, Carly Fiorina’s Demon Sheep spot.

This one is derivative of course, and nowhere near as powerful vision of the Bizarro World that California Republicans seem to occupy, but it still made me smile:

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5 Comments on “And Why Should the Brits Have All The Fun? Weird Election Video/Return of the Demon Sheep edition”

  1. AJ Hill Says:

    Magnificent! If the Dems could maintain this level of imagination, candor, and merciless sarcasm, they’d have nothing to fear in November.

  2. I’m not convinced that all sheep aren’t demons. Perhaps the joke’s really on us.

  3. Ted K Says:

    Tommy Boy,
    We assume you’re busy with your responsibilities to your students. But we eagerly await your return.

    I noticed on John McLaughlin’s PBS show “One On One” he was interviewing 2 people who had written books on Einstein (I think together). They will continue it next week, it’s a 2 parter. The woman appeared Jewish and her last name was Calaprice (older but charming for her age) and a man named Schullman. I don’t know if you ever take requests on topics on this blog but I would love if you did a post on Einstein, what you think of Calaprice and her colleague, and their books. Looked like good stuff.

  4. Batocchio Says:

    Awesome. The original was an instant classic in WTF Theater.

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