Brain Bon Bons, because it’s been too damn crazed today to finish any of the posts in waiting — Sade Diva/Goddess edition

Reminded via a spectacularly off-topic comment on this Balloon Juice thread, please, enjoy with me this grand blast from the past:

Beyond all the obvious awesomeness of this, my get-off-my-lawn media maker’s heart leapt at the glorious grain and feel of an image shot on real film.

There’s bite to these pictures, even in this stomped-on Youtube form, and for all that I love the creative flexibility modern video cameras give us now (out with students shooting on a tricked out Sony Z7U this morning, and rocking with it) there is something really lovely about the sense of dimension that comes from the way our eyes, mine at least, see the physicality of light trapped by tiny 3-D grains of silver and projected back through the frame.

I wouldn’t go back, except under special circumstances, but I’m damn glad I got to feel the reality of sprocket holes passing under my fingers, and the sense of space and color that a good cameraman could layer onto those rolls of coated plastic.

So there.

I feel better.

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One Comment on “Brain Bon Bons, because it’s been too damn crazed today to finish any of the posts in waiting — Sade Diva/Goddess edition”

  1. Spiv Says:

    Is that film? It has the look of beta to me. Likely irrelevant…I will say I think lens has much more impact on the tone and depth that you’re talking about than does the capture medium.

    I’m well secured to all things digital, however I also find film to have special qualities. Leaking light, development issues/processes, just generally the results of an imprecise chemistry process over a fairly consistent physics process. These things can really contribute to the results.

    Good example? My old schoolmate, and the especially lovely Colie Parks:

    She does film only, old cameras that creak and wind, lets the light come dancing off the imperfect baffles down the barrel, and ultimately uses all that fine-arts training to make it in to something special.

    Since I’m not so skilled/talented, I’ll stick to just capturing bits and pieces with my D90 via intangible format. I rely on having interesting things to take pictures of:

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