No Doubt Ms. McArdle Will Reassure Us That The Rhetoric of Violence Has Nothing to do with Violence

This threat to Senator Murray reminded me of the McArdle nonsense discussed here (at great length, as is my wont).

But not to worry.  Just because elected leaders and the highest profile opinion makers on the right have been calling health care reform “armageddon” and the Democrats who passed it tyrants, there is no need to fear that idiots with lethal firepower will mount threats to our elected officials.

Just to forestall the likely “that’s not what I meant” retort from Ms. McArdle, I concede that it is true that merely carrying a weapon does not indicate the intent to use it.  But it sure gives you the means to do irreversible harm if you do so choose.  And blithely dismissing ratcheting rhetoric and the impact of the public display of weaponry as unconnected with actual increases in the risk of violence is willed blindness.

Props, by the way, to the FBI, on the case in a big way this time.

Image:  Knotted pistol in front of the UN building in New York.

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