iPad Whiff

So — even with gadget lust surging through my geekocampus, still, at the last minute, I cancelled my reservation for an iPad.  Decided to wait for 3G, based on my experience using my iPhone as guide to travelling around rural Ohio the week before last.  That GPS functionality that comes with cellular as well as WiFi connectivity was persuasive.

So:  dumb or not?

Image:  Jules Cheret, “Eulogy of Lust,” 1896-1900

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8 Comments on “iPad Whiff”

  1. The iPad in general is dumb. There are better, cheaper things available if you need somethign in between a smart phone and a laptop.

  2. Frank Says:


    Walled Garden.

    Apple Hype.


  3. Stuart Says:

    Not dumb. When you can point at a specific feature that you have used and found desirable it would be foolish not to wait another month or so to get it.

    The deal breaker for me with the iPad is the lack of a USB host port. I want to keep different libraries of books on flash dongles to plug in depending on which interest I’m pursuing at the moment. I have something close to 100 gigabytes of books I’ve downloaded from Google books.

    But I will admit to not being an early adopter. I waited till the 4th generation to buy an iPod.

  4. Kaleberg Says:

    It sounds like you know what you want. I’ve been blessed with a map sense, so I’ve never understood the lure of a GPS, but I know that a lot of people really appreciate step by step directions.

    I doubt I will be getting an iPad. I tend to do my home browsing, reading and movie watching with a laptop on my lap. First, I’d have to get something to prop up the iPad. Then, I’d probably want a keyboard since it’s hard to type on a vertical keypad. Then, I’d want a touchpad since reaching up to turn the page or stop the video would be awkward. The iPad seems to solve a problem I don’t have. (Besides, it’s way too big to fit in my pocket so it will probably sit in my desk drawer with my too big compact camera.)

    On the other hand, you seem to be willing to lug it around. Are you replacing your iPhone, or adding this to the stable? Can you mount it on your dashboard so you can see it when you are driving? Will you use it instead of your laptop or with it? I’m betting that iPads will get a lot of use, but there will be several different kinds of users.

  5. Ted K Says:

    It’s a nice machine I’m sure. But if you already have an I-pod and you already have a laptop, what the hell damn good is the thing for??? Just name me one to half-good thing to justify the marketing brainwash Steve Jobs has masterfully done here on the media. I thought Charlie Rose was going to have an orgasm live on air when he was talking about the Ipad, but I doubt he could tell us why it’s better than a laptop.

  6. link2mobile Says:

    Depending on your tastes, whether you want the computer to insert a pants pocket or select small.

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