Simple Pleasures for My Excessively Simple Mind

Just for fun, this: (N necessarily SFW, in a better wear headphones kind of way)

There are some things the British do better than anyone else, high/low intellectual comedy being one of them.

If you have my particular turn of mind, this is coke through the nose stuff.

(h/t Scav, at comment 19 in this surreal thread over at Balloon Juice.

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6 Comments on “Simple Pleasures for My Excessively Simple Mind”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Have you seen the “They say of the Parthenon” bit from Fry’s show? If not,

    Worth every second.

  2. AJ Hill Says:

    Why should we watch hilarious, intellectually
    stimulating British humor, when we can tune into Fauch’s Noose and
    imbibe vacuous American garbage on “Red Eye“?

  3. Andrew Says:

    Actually, I should have typed “They say of the Acropolis.” Neither I nor Stephen Fry can get our lines right. In addition, if you’re still in the mood for British game show flubs, try this:

  4. Ted K Says:

    I found some British humor is either incredibly funny, or like holding your palm under your underarm to make fart noises, very good or very bad. “Fawlty Towers” ranks in the excellent category as does basically anything by Terry Gilliam. But have you ever watched “The Vicker of Dibley”??? My G-d that is the worst show I have EVER seen on TV, and not just British TV, ANY TV ever shown in ANY country. Just like a giant cow sized turd Prince Charles released from his butt and then put on his mobile phone video.

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