In Honour of Burns Day: more than orthography edition

For all my friends (and I have some!) (really — ed?) who plan to celebrate tonight by eating the inner organs of beasts,* (or rather, one organ from one species) irrigated with the distilled essence of barley, this:

And if you really want to go to the grotesquerie end of the scale, consider this early work of that latter day poet, M. Python.

Science and politics are always with us, and shall be blogged anon.  But on this glorious occasion, and a Monday, no less, perhaps a drift into the possibilities of the surreal inherent in Highlands, whiskey and an ever contentious history may ease our way into the week.

I’m thinking today should be the day I lash out for a bottle of Lagavulin.  Wotcha think?

*Warning! Celtic convergence alert, to the undoubted annoyance of both parties.

Image:  Robert Scott Duncanson, “Scottish Landscape,” 1871.

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6 Comments on “In Honour of Burns Day: more than orthography edition”

  1. Ian Preston Says:

    The denouement to that story has not aged well. The Skyronian blancmanges should have been turning Scotsmen into Englishmen.

    PS To your final question: Aye ‘n’ A’ll huv yin wi’ ye.

  2. Shava Nerad Says:

    Oddly enough, this arrived in my inbox as we were celebrating Burns Night in Second Life, with friends on (I think) four continents and perhaps a dozen or more timezones. Ah the interwebs…

  3. This article is very timely then, no? Finally, haggis is back!

  4. steve latham Says:

    I make my own haggis. That way I know what’s in it.

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