Why Friends Don’t Let Friends Derive Drunk

xkcd to the rescue of a very bad week:

And yes, it was all an excuse for the vile wordplay in the headline, and yes, it doesn’t quite fit the comic, but its my blog. So there.

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3 Comments on “Why Friends Don’t Let Friends Derive Drunk”

  1. Of course the conclusion is trivial for δ C F(R).

  2. jre Says:

    This was intolerably cruel to the obsessive among us, who are then forced to type

    (1.22 * 10^28 electronvolt / (345 * 10^9 * Pa) )* ((50 * mile/gallon) / (34000 meter))

    into the Frink applet, obtaining


    … which is closeish, but not as good an approximation as pi seconds are to a nanocentury.

    An aside: Frink is installable in seconds as a Java application on your desktop, and is one of the coolest things you will ever have there. I get no kickbacks from Alan Eliasen; just like to spread the word.

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