Thursday Brain Candy: In Flight Refueling Video of Surpassing Coolness

Don’t say I don’t think of you:

(I particularly like the scene beginning at :48)

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One Comment on “Thursday Brain Candy: In Flight Refueling Video of Surpassing Coolness”

  1. Jim Bales Says:

    I like it! Someone did a really good job on the high-speed imaging.

    Looking at the clip at 0:48, I was struck by how the neck muscles are holding the head rock still (compare the blur of the wings, or even the body, to how crisp the head looks).

    Given the notation that this is 1/35 speed and my estimate of one wing beat every 3/4 sec in the playback, the wings are beating 40-50 times a second. Assuming a 3-cm-long wing, the average acceleration of the wing tip is something like 40 g’s. The inertia of the body helps isolate the head from the wing-loading, but there is still an impressive control system keeping the head still so the eyes have a good view of the world!

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