This Just Might Make Me Turn Zoroastrian

Via TPM:  Orrin Hatch writes and performs a Chanukah song.

The lyrics:

A small band of people led the way,
Through the darkest night they prayed.
Seeking religious freedom,
Did more than just survive.
They defeated a mighty empire,
Free to believe.
Just the way they wanted to,
It made history.

OMG — or OMFSM, for that matter.

To steal a line from a  religion different from that to which I was raised:  Tin Pan Alley, Tin Pan Alley….Why hast thou forsaken me?)

(And what’s up w. the GOP dissing Jews again?  Via Atrios, this, from The Washington Monthly.

So Chanukah don’t rate?  Feh.  I’ll stay Jewish and a Democrat just to spite Norman Podhoretz.)

Image:  Harold Arlen and George Gershwin composing a song, 1934.

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6 Comments on “This Just Might Make Me Turn Zoroastrian”

  1. Shava Nerad Says:

    Having had the poor fortune to have heard Hatch’s dulcet tones before, I’ll eschew clicking the link. Rather be rickrolled.

    (pst! I think the correct term is “Zoroastrian?”)

  2. AJ Hill Says:

    Senator Hatch continues a grand tradition of
    Republican assaults on ear, intellect, and appetite, but can anything rival
    this almost unendurable performance by former
    USAG, John Ashcroft?

  3. Thony C. Says:

    If Freddie Mercury is anything to go by then at least the Zoroastrians can sing 😉

  4. chrome agnomen Says:

    i’d be more than glad to co-opt this song for atheists everywhere, with the minor change from ‘seeking religious freedom’ to ‘seeking freedom from religion’.

  5. chrome agnomen Says:

    if you’re going to invoke the FSM, you must use pastafarian.

    @AJ Hill

    with tom delay doing an interpretive dance?

    just kill me now.

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