A Bleg

Dear readers,

I’m thinking about moving my blog to a host that allows me more flexibility than WordPress allows.  I’ll be redirecting from here, so there will be some continuity, but I wonder if anyone has any thoughts about the new domain name.


or inversesquareblog.com?

Or is this a distinction without a difference?

Hive mind help gratefully appreciated.

Image: Dr. Marcus Gossler, The subject catalogue (“Schlagwortkatalog”) of the University Library of Graz. 2005.

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8 Comments on “A Bleg”

  1. SBC Says:

    inversesquare.net sounds cooler…

  2. Alun Says:

    http://www.inversesquare.com seems not resolve for me. Anyone typing this in might think that the blog is down rather than remembering that it should be .net. So for that reason I’d go for inversesquareblog.com but I’m not sure it makes a huge difference.

  3. Frank Says:

    inversesquare dot net I think would be better than dot com.

    I don’t know how WordPress limits you on their site, never having used them.

    Have you considered moving it to GoDaddy or a similar service. I set up a WordPress blog for a friend of mine there and it gives you almost as much flexibility as running your own server (which is what I have been doing).

  4. Isn’t blogging already a bit passé? To my thinking, the “blog” bit is both redundant and limiting. I’d stick with inversesquare.net. You never know where it might lead.

  5. Jason R Says:

    See if you can get inverse . squarespace . com. That would solve your WordPress problem and save you from having to manage your own domain.

  6. Spiv Says:

    Just get both. Aliases are easy and domains are cheap. Why make decisions when you can have everything? Plus, should the .com you really want (inversesquare.com possibly expires in March, or they might be selling it since it just looks like a placeholder now anyway) you can alias that too.

  7. jim Says:

    I’m with Spiv on this if you have any doubt about which to use, but you still have to decide which to advertise as “the” name, and there I’m firmly for inversesquare.net.

  8. Kaleberg Says:

    It really doesn’t matter all that much. This is the age of search engines. We’ll find you.

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