Apologia Pro Vita Bloga (With apologies to Mrs. Small, who taught me better Latin.)

No blogging for more than a week!  Massive fail.

My only excuse:

November is the cruelest month, at least as far as my particular academic calendar goes.  As my students toil, so do I (the part they never tell you about when you step sideways into the Academy).

So, a couple of posts are slouching towards Publish’em…but a humble plea for indulgence in this, my untoward silence.

See you soon.

Image:  Johann Heinrich Füssli, “The Silence” 1799-1801.

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One Comment on “Apologia Pro Vita Bloga (With apologies to Mrs. Small, who taught me better Latin.)”

  1. Ken Brower Says:

    Dear Thomas Levenson, your blog’s reference to a Mrs. Small, Latin teacher, is the only trace of her I can Google. Did you go to Berkeley High School? I want to acknowledge her in a piece I’m writing. I graduated BHS in 1963, well ahead of you, I think. (If you graduated from there at all, and we had the same Mrs. Small.) Her name was Penelope and was sometimes called “Penny,” no? If this is the same Mrs. Small, then she sent both of us on to writing for the Atlantic. And Freeman Dyson connects us, too. He wrote a review of your Einstein in Berlin, I see, and I wrote a book on him and his son, THE STARSHIP AND THE CANOE. (My last piece for the Altantic was in 2010, on Freeman.) I guess I’m just trying to make sure I have her name right. –Ken Brower

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