My Workplace Is Cooler Than Yours: Fun With Light And Bullets Edition

So, a couple of days ago I post some distressingly entrancing video of bullets punching holes in various things.  That attracted the attention of the most excellent Jim Bales, Assistant Director of MIT’s Edgerton Center, which is one of the real jewels of the undergraduate experience here, and the heir and monument to one of the Institute’s patron deities, Doc Edgerton himself.  (Some sample images here, a few of the iconic ones here.)

Jim extended hospitality, in an exchange of emails that evoked one line I never expected to hear within the academic cloister.  As a result, yesterday morning, I made my way up to the eyrie on the top floor of MIT’s central campus to witness a little of the sweet, stop-motion Edgerton magic in action.  And today, I received the product of the work done whilst I marvelled.

I bet this has never happened to your business card:


And just in case that’s not cool enough, how about this:*

three crayons bullett

So what did you do at work yesterday?

*Instructions given before the shot:  “When shooting crayons (or eggs), keep your mouth shut.”

Good advice.

Images:  “Sic Semper BFOs”  (BFO=Business Fetish Object)

“But Is It Art? (AKA Garfunkel’s Blues)”

Both photos presented here courtesy of the photographers:  Jasmin Baek, Elizabeth deRegt, Eric Fernandez, and Brandon Pung, none of whom are to blame for my titling whimsy.

Look below the fold for a bonus photo.

Note the  slightly different point of focus from the image above — emphasizing the spray of wax and with a better view of the bullet.

two crayon bullet

Image courtesy of Jasmin Baek, Elizabeth deRegt, Eric Fernandez, and Brandon Pung

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5 Comments on “My Workplace Is Cooler Than Yours: Fun With Light And Bullets Edition”

  1. Spiv Says:

    “My Workplace Is Cooler Than Yours”

    Yeah, you’re probably right 😉

    Love the business card image, that would be a great opener for a portfolio/CV page or something.

    • Tom Says:

      hmmm….that’s a fine shot at the link.
      And yes…I think I need that business card mutilation at the top of my “about” page…

  2. Jim Bales Says:


    I’d say that “That’s a might cool workplace you’ve got there!”.


  3. sdutchen Says:

    Inspiration for this year’s class photo?

    Oh, wait. 🙂

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