Obama’s Nobel

All the obvious has been said already. I agree with John Cole:  it’s premature, but certainly not Obama’s fault.  And I find myself agreeing with Andrew Sullivan, as well (mirabile dictu — TL has something nice to say about an Atlantic blogger):  this prize bears witness to the enormous sense of relief that our friends and allies feel that the US is once again acting like a grown-up in its dealings with the rest of the world.

It is in fact a measure of the importance of the US in the world still that just nine months of sane leadership is enough to induce the kind of euphoria — and enough combined hope and hunger for the achievements really determined and smart governing could bring — to induce the Norwegians to deliver the prize.

My only complaint is the obvious one:  if not being George Bush is enough to elicit major props from the international community, I just want to point out that at 51 years old, I’ve not been George Bush for longer than Obama hasn’t.  How about a little Nobel love for that, boys?….;)

Image:  Mary E. Eaton, “Mountain Laurel (Kalmis latifolia L.)National Geographic Magazine, XXXI (June 1917), p. 503

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6 Comments on “Obama’s Nobel”

  1. syphax Says:

    Obama won for the achievement of keeping Sarah Palin one heartbeat away from the Presidency.

  2. syphax Says:

    insert “from being” after “Palin”. Composing a well-structured sentence is hard.

  3. AJ Hill Says:

    I’m sorry! The fact that Obama isn’t as bad as his predecessor just doesn’t cut it for me, especially considering what his supporters did to elevate him to the Presidency and what they (rightfully) supposed they could expect from him, once he was there. I’m not disappointed so much by his inability to solve the major crises quickly, as I am by his inexplicable refusal to pick the low hanging fruit, such as reversing the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, curtailing extra-legal activities by our intelligence services (e.g.: extraordinary rendition), and instructing the Justice Department to investigate crimes against humanity that may have been committed by members of the previous administration. If Obama can’t (or won’t) exercise his most basic prerogatives as chief executive and Commander in Chief, what can we expect of him, when he confronts the harder challenges that will surely come? I’m not hopeful!

  4. Shava Nerad Says:

    As I tweeted earlier today:

    “Think Obama is premature to get the #Nobel Peace Prize? Reflect on 1994’s prize. http://bit.ly/4BQZVY Obama’s got better odds.”

    In 1994, Arafat, Sharon and Rabin were given the peace prize for their *efforts* at civil dialogue in the hope that the prize would encourage them to continue to not kill one another. Fifteen years later, we can see how the aspirational award went.

    I think Obama has better potential to deserve the award at some point in the future than these three, wouldn’t you agree?

    The Nobel Peace Prize is NOT a lifetime achievement award. If it were, the 1994 award would have been worse received than the announcement this week.

    Yet in 1994, it was received with more hope and less sophistic(ated) snark and political leveraging. In the Middle East.

    Fifteen years has made us a sadder world, if that’s so.

  5. aimai Says:

    The world is so pathetically grateful to us for finally not putting another insane, entitled, foaming at the mouth, unintellectual, right wing nutcase in power that they looked around and they tried to find a nice gift for us. First everyone celebrated. Then the Queen invited Michelle and the Girls to tea. And then the world said, “you know, America deserves a more pointed gift” for proving to us that they aren’t, entirely, the country of “Ow, my balls!” Lets give them the Peace Prize and try to thank them again for not electing John McCain and blowing up Iran. This has a lot to do with Bush, but it has a lot to do with McCain, too. Frankly, the world is grateful to Obama for being willing to take the job of helming our insane political system. This is just a tiny little thank you. It would have totally been a box of chocolates if they could have found one big enough.


  6. andy Says:

    New Zealand: Proudly Nuke free since telling the USS Buchanan to ‘piss off’ as of 1985.

    I personally blame it on the French for the terrorist act of bombing a ship in my home towns sovereign harbour! Yes we hated them first before your RWNJ’s hated them, but we had a good reason.


    Can I haz Nobel prize now!

    On another note, the news has been a bit bemused by Obama getting the Nobel. The reaction here has been ‘that was odd but kinda cool, anyway back to the sports’.

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