It’s not just reality that has a well known liberal bias…

Apparently, the Bible does as well*

h/t Huffington Post via Sullivan.

Not as off topic as you think:  I once heard Carl Hiaasen in an interview complain that the hardest thing about being an novelist of the weird in Miami is that reality kept on proving to be vastly more strange than anything he could imagine. He’d come up with some ludicrously hilarious and grim take on the moral swamp of modern Florida politics…and his home town paper would publish a factual report that out-grotesqued his meticulously thought-out plot.  This is like that.  It is impossible to parodize the right just now.  They are their own absurdity.

*And yes, I do know the Bible is very real.  You know what I mean…

Image:  Hieronymous Bosch, “The Garden of Earthly Delights” 1480-1505

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3 Comments on “It’s not just reality that has a well known liberal bias…”

  1. Ian Preston Says:

    Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousnesswingery: for they shall be filled.

  2. Spiv Says:

    How long before they realize jaysus was a barefoot hippie socialist and just nix him from the whole tale?

    All that feeding the masses, healing people for free, and expecting nothing for deeds seems like, you know, lefty pinko territory. Old testament should remain pretty well in tact, it even has exchange rates listed (for children and elderly to silver).

  3. aimai Says:

    I love Carl Hiaasen. Edna Buchanan, another florida journalist turned novelist, covered the body beat in Florida for a long time and you get the same sense from her work. This is from a piece about her in the New Yorker:

    In the newsroom of the Miami Herald, there is some disagreement about which of Edna Buchanan’s first paragraphs stands as the classic Edna lead. I line up with the fried-chicken faction. The fried-chicken story was about a rowdy ex-con named Gary Robinson, who late one Sunday night lurched drunkenly into a Church’s outlet, shoved his way to the front of the line, and ordered a three-piece box of fried chicken. Persuaded to wait his turn, he reached the counter again five or ten minutes later, only to be told that Church’s had run out of fried chicken. The young woman at the counter suggested that he might like chicken nuggets instead. Robinson responded to the suggestion by slugging her in the head. That set off a chain of events that ended with Robinson’s being shot dead by a security guard. Edna Buchanan covered the murder for the Herald—there are policemen in Miami who say that it wouldn’t be a murder without her—and her story began with what the fried-chicken faction still regards as the classic Edna lead: “Gary Robinson died hungry.”

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