One More Link: Paul Krugman Explains It All Edition

Once again I missed the Ig Nobels — bozo, me, given the proximity to that glorious milestone in the academic year.

But Paul Krugman was there, delivering a 24/7 lecture:  twenty four words of hopeless jargon from within one’s discpline followed by a Hillel-like* seven word account of that field.

Here’s the transcript, in full.

*Hillel explained the essence of Judaism to an impatient inquirer in an aphorism some 26 words long.  Not quite seven, but not bad.  (The shortest form of Hillel’s reply to the demand that he teach the meaning of Torah in the time his interlocutor could stand on one leg in a mere twelve words, which is getting close to Ig Nobel glory, saying,  “That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow”

Image:   “A dark and dismal valley,” illustration to the Icelandic legend of Gold-brow.  Published in celandic Legends : Collected by Jón Arnason : Translated by George E. J. Powell and Eiríkur Magnússon, Richard Bentley, London, 1864. This illustration facing page 19. Digitized version from Google Books,

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4 Comments on “One More Link: Paul Krugman Explains It All Edition”

  1. Ian Preston Says:

    I fear his “seven”-word summary won’t enhance anyone’s opinion of the numeracy of economists.

  2. Gordon Gekko did it back in ’87 in only 2 words: “Greed works.”

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