Quote (and Clip) of the Day: Wynton Marsalis speaks…

“Our current lack of respect for swing can be likened to the current state of our democracy.  Balance is required to maintain something as delicate as democracy, a subtle understanding of how your power can be magnified through joining with and sharing the power of another person.  When that is no longer understood, it becomes a battle to see who is strongest, who is the loudest, who can get the most attention.

The strong are free to prey on the weak.”

— Wynton Marsalis, with Geoffrey Ward, in Moving to Higher Ground, p. 38-39.

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One Comment on “Quote (and Clip) of the Day: Wynton Marsalis speaks…”

  1. Thony C. Says:

    The comment on the necessity of balance in democracy is good but the comparison with what Mr. Marsalis sees as ‘a lack of respect for swing’ is to put it mildly crap.

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