Self Aggrandizement Alert: More cool Newton and the Counterfeiter talk: Chris Lydon/RadioOpenSource edition

Old friend and former WGBH-mate Chris Lydon, now the creative intelligence behind one of the web’s really exciting attempts to create global conversation,  Open Source, came by a couple of weeks ago to record an interview with me about that book I might have mentioned around here once or twice — Newton and the Counterfeiter(Amazon, Powells, Barnes and Noble,Indiebound and  across the pond at, Waterstones, Blackwells, Borders,John Smith & Son)

Chris is a wonderful interviewer, creative, always looking for the angle to evoke a response the interviewee hadn’t thought of ahead of time, really an intellectual partner in each of his recordings.

His conceit for our conversation was to see what would happen if I tried to follow his imagination and lead Isaac Newton around my MIT.  Along the way we talked about God, alchemy, Newton’s qualities of mind, the terrifying (to some) success of materialist interpretations of mind and much more besides. Hilarity ensued, in other words.

Listen for yourself, if you’ve a mind to do so….it was fun, at least for your not always humble interlocutor.

Image: Ralf Lotys, photographer.  Street art in Frankfurt, 2006.

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One Comment on “Self Aggrandizement Alert: More cool Newton and the Counterfeiter talk: Chris Lydon/RadioOpenSource edition”

  1. Thony C. Says:

    I have a subscription to the Guardian Weekly, which is a weekly digest of The Guardian newspaper, The Observer (the Sunday paper of the Guardian Group) and The Washington Post. As well as news, sport etc. it also has a book review section, however as the reviews are drawn from all three newspapers it is only a small cross section of the total number of reviews that they publish. In this week’s edition (25.09.09) the book review section has, under the heading Pursuit of purity, Rebecca Stott’s excellent review of Newton and the Counterfeiter. The British media continue to serve you well and in the manner you richly deserve 😉

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