UPDATE: [Simulated] Cruelty to Animals as a Wingnut Theme: Truly unbelievable, and hideously funny (except for the frog) Glenn Beck monent

Update 3  (At the top, because that’s where corrections should go): This was, as I should have known, not frogicide, but performance art.  I’ve deleted the misleadingly edited clip below.  The full clip shows what the abbreviated one below does not:  that Beck tells you that the frog in the pot was a fake.  (See about 4:40 et seq.)

I should have known better; I am supposed to recognize that stories too good to check should be checked.  I apologize both to Mr Beck (not that he cares, I imagine, or can possibly be assumed to be aware of either the initial insult or this correction) and to the readers for the error.

None of this, of course, alters my opinion of the content of Mr. Beck’s commentaries — vapid, uninformed, dangerous, wrong and all the rest.  But he didn’t kill a frog to make a point


I swear I’m working on some blog magna opera, but (a) I’ve got this day job, and (b) I keep getting distracted by stuff like this:

Surely this must be a grotesque fake, a parody?

Or, FSM help us and save us, is this real?

In any event, if anyone over at Balloon Juice is listening, I say “Forget the Frog” needs to hit the dictionary.  Definition:  epithet to describe another massive wingnut fail in confrontation with the liberal bias of reality.

Update: I see this has already hit pretty much everywhere that snark lives on the intertubes.  Well, one more won’t matter.  After all, I did find watching the video coke-through-the-nose funny, even if I hated myself after.

Update 2: The more I  look at this the more horrifying it gets.  Funny as hell the first time, just watching Beck’s attempt to recover from his failed schtick/amphibicide.  But then you realize.  This ass*ole just executed a perfectly innocuous animal on screen for no damn reason at all:   “Hey guys, I’ve got this gimmick — let me kill something to show you how bad it is to be led by that deeply tanned dude in the White House.”

Useless tool. Scum.  (Fixed) Performance Artist. (Fixed by update 3.)

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2 Comments on “UPDATE: [Simulated] Cruelty to Animals as a Wingnut Theme: Truly unbelievable, and hideously funny (except for the frog) Glenn Beck monent”

  1. Ian Preston Says:

    I could hardly watch that but, then, if you look here you can see a more complete video that shows that the one you have has been truncated immediately before he continues the listing of “fakes” at the end with: “Forget about the frog, because it was fake.” That makes more rhetorical sense to me than thinking he used a live frog and truly expected it to escape. “Your representatives are all fakes like that frog because they are not jumping despite Obama’s boiling water.”

    I can see how someone might be tempted to believe the (in fact, false) story that you can kill an unprotesting frog by slowly raising the temperature of the water it’s sitting in but believing the other half of the myth and actually throwing a live frog into a pan of boiling water in the expectation it wouldn’t kill it would not just be breathtakingly callous but surely also require breathtaking stupidity — common-or-garden practical stupidity rather than political stupidity.

  2. Tom Says:

    Me = pwned.

    Apologies. Commenter Preston is exactly correct. One of the things that impresses me about the complete clip is, for the first time, I appreciate Beck’s talent. He’s still loathesome, wrong, and wilfully deceitful about just about everything…but he’s a seriously good on camera performer.

    Suckered me…I should no better than not to check stories that are too good to check.

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