Happy Friday Morning Moment

Entirely personal, and of no real interest to anyone, but my son just gave me a writing-father’s moment of joy.  His fourth grade homework was to enumerate ten rights that everyone in his classroom should enjoy.

I helped, but for the last one I made an extra effort to hang back.  He despaired, just a little — after all, aren’t nine rights enough?

So I asked him, “what do you think everyone in your class should have the right to do.”

“Read books,” he answered.

That’s my boy!

Image:  Matthais Stom, “Young Man Reading by Candlelight,” before 1650.

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6 Comments on “Happy Friday Morning Moment”

  1. JeremyH Says:

    Good lad!

  2. aimai Says:

    So, what else was on the list? My ten year old daughter has the same earnest, serious, focus on rights. When my thirteen year old was ten she did an elaborate study of gender sterotypes among kindergartners. The apple never falls far from the tree.


  3. One should have a right to read, and a reed to write.

  4. A thing of joy Says:

    No fair! Number ten was so great, I feel cheated that you didn’t include the other nine.

    A big hug to your son.

  5. BCC Says:

    My wife and I find ourselves occasionally threatening our 2nd grade twins: “Stop reading NOW, or you lose that book for a week!” (we usually don’t stoop to this threat until WAY past bedtime).

    I don’t know what we did to foster their love of reading, but I’m sure happy about it. If they’d only go to bed in a timely manner!

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