You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: No, really, I mean it, government services are a fascist plot to make 80 year old grandma’s take a cab…or something

Via John Cole at Balloon Juice, this.

Seriously…I keep trying to write long, thoughtful, (or at least sticky-bun-fueled) posts on the fundamental pillars of right-wing fail (check this space in a bit for an example of same), and then I bump into stuff like the complaints of tea-baggers that the government failed to provide enough taxpayer subsidized mass transit to enable them to jump up and down at the bars of the cribs, waving their rattles and whilst stomping their diapered thighs in anguished protest of the fact that….government is too intrusive to permit them the liberties their due as narcissitic spoiled screaming brats patriotic Americans.

You can’t make jokes about these people…they are every comic’s nightmare, the subject that stomps on its own punch line.

And of course, more deeply, they routinely evoke the classic question, the most pertinent ever asked of the American irredentist right:  “Have you no sense of decency?”

Then and now, that query answers itself.

Image:  Unknown artist, “The Swaddled Twins” 1617

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One Comment on “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: No, really, I mean it, government services are a fascist plot to make 80 year old grandma’s take a cab…or something”

  1. jre Says:

    Interestingly (to me, at least) Christopher Hitchens figures that liberals can be relied upon to know Joseph Welch’s line.

    Hitch uses the fact that Jon Stewart and Al Franken have both quoted Welch to make what seems to me a rather strained argument: that liberal entertainers relish the hatred of the far right, and that’s why they’re so gosh-darned rude. For my part, I think Welch is a heroic figure to most everyone — simply because McCarthy was a vicious, lying bastard, and someone needed to face him down.

    The whiny, self-indulgent dimbulbs of teabaggery are a different matter altogether. We left tragedy for farce several stops back.

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