More Newton and the Counterfeiter, Mother Tongue edition

A return, gingerly, to the blogging life….

Move complete, and divorce avoided by promising my wife that I will never, ever dream of taking off for a week in London four days after taking up residence in a new home.

But that’s where I am now, here to do what I can to promote the UK launch of Newton and the Counterfeiter (you may recall — that book I’ve mentioned perhaps once or twice here.  What?  More than once or twice?  Dozens of times.  Well…sorry, sort of).  US interested parties can look here:  (AmazonPowellsBarnes and NobleIndiebound).  In the UK, every paper that reviews it offers it through their branded shop, and there are as well the usual suspects…, Borders, John Smith & Son.

I’ll talk about the most recent spate of British reviews, mostly very positive, one rather snarky (I’ll get to you in turn, Mr. Malcolm; wait patiently…) in a post not totally drowned in jet lag.  For now, let me point anyone interested to a q&a Manuela Holterhoff published at Bloomberg Online — and save for slightly more awaketitude the charming sequel to that piece.

All by way of saying hello — it’s nice to be back.

Image:  1961 re-enactment of Conestoga wagon travel on the Oregon trail

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One Comment on “More Newton and the Counterfeiter, Mother Tongue edition”

  1. jim Says:

    Congratulations on the launch. I have the book on pre-order, and now that it has crossed the pond, I expect to get the collect message any day. Looking forward to reading it, after reading so much about it. Erm, you do realise you’ve mentioned it once or twice?

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