Some Review Action…Why We Love Students Edition

I’ve got a bunch of reviews of Newton and the Counterfeiter to acknowledge, but as I’m in the depths of packing up my home of fifteen years and can’t string more than one or two sentences together at a time, let me just here point you to one that popped up yesterday that is sweet on several levels. (I’ll try to round up the rest, several of them more than generous later tonight or tomorrow, but I’m painfully aware that all blog promises I’ve made I’ve broken.)

This one though has got to get  a mention before my dwindling number of neurons collapses all review-links into one great heap.  Why?

Well, first, because of this conclusion:

Down to the apostrophes from Newton’s pen, it’s a real-life thriller you don’t need to be a history-buff to appreciate.

And second, because it comes within MIT Science Writing grad student Genevieve Wanucha’s first bylined article.

No logrolling here, I promise — I had no warning that this review was in prospect,  and Genevieve was a writer of great talent and greater soft-spoken ferocity; there is no chance that she would praise that which she did not admire.  I’ve seen her in action, and I know that if she likes Newton and the Counterfeiter I may breathe a sigh of relief as well as gratitude.

And whatever she thought of my book or the others she reviewed in this piece, there is this unvarnished pleasure: seeing a good young writer start to break out into the public arena.  Watch for her.

Image:  Woodcut from the title page of Wenceslaus Brack: Vocabularius rerum, 1487.

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