Kindle! Newton! Together at Last.

The Kindle editon of Newton and the Counterfeiter is now available for purchase/download.

Better late than never.

Not all is perfection, yet.  The dead tree page for Newton at Amazon still shows the Kindle edition as unavailable, and the Kindle page has no cover image nor any of the other apparatus from the main page:  no editorial reviews, no video, no reader reviews.  Ah well.

Still:  at least, if you have a Kindle, you can now get the damned book.  And please do.  (In that context I’ll reveal a little secret, implied in this post:  because of the peculiar economics of this birthing stage of the eb00k transition, my royalty (still paying off my advance, not yet hitting my pocket) is greater for Kindle editions than it is on physical copies.  As royalty clauses for electronic books are still something of the wild west, this is true for many, but not all authors.)

Image:  Rembrandt von Rijn, “Portrait of Titus van Rijn,” 1655.

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One Comment on “Kindle! Newton! Together at Last.”

  1. dianeb Says:

    Thanks much for posting this, just purchased for my Kindle 2. 🙂

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