Best Health Care Note of the Day

From Sadly No:

PS DID YOU KNOW – if you averaged eight hours of sleep over your lifetime, but I average seven, I haved live an average of 13.6 years longer conscious life than you, but you were better rested.

What happens if, like me, you get 6-7 hours of sleep and spend most days in a semi-coma?

Peter Paul Rubens, “Two Sleeping Children,” 1612-1613

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2 Comments on “Best Health Care Note of the Day”

  1. Ned Wright Says:

    This just illustrates the problem with innumeracy in the US. 13.6 years is 119,000 hours, and 119,000 days is 300+ years.

    Do the math.

    • Tom Says:

      Yeah…I know, but as my Yiddishkeit friend once said to me: “I have one word of advice for you, bubbe, one word: ‘Lighten up.'”

      Sadly no is a snark/humor site.

      Also, though your arithmetic is on target (more or less — I get 292 years of 17 hour conscious days. That’s still ridiculous — which is the point of the original post, here reprinted in its entirety:

      “Thanks to free-market health care I have enjoyed no visits to the doctor in over five years but plenty of French wine and Japanese sushi so now I will live forever but I growed bored with it, so please Obamacare kill me in my tracks … it will be worth the better standard of living. Also, insofar as whereby lager, such as.”

      All of which is to say — the Sadly No folks were pointing out the general illogic (and innumeracy) of health care reform critics.

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