Weekend Fun: The Way David Macaulay Works: Finding Ideas, Making Books and Visualizing Our World | MIT World

Something of a Friday brain dump seems to be going on chez Inverse Square. I’m beginning to work on what would for me be another David Macaulay-hosted project. Info on first one in which I participated — the Peabody award winning Building Big — is here.)That led me back to the video of the talk David gave at MIT a couple of years ago, when I had the fun of hosting him for a few day-long visit. (I’m the guy introducing David whilst forgetting to introduce myself or my program — an academic rookie’s mistake.) But David makes no such errors. The talk, titled “The Way David Macaulay Works” is a wonderful fully illustrated tour through his career and the process through which he investigates the built and the natural world. Have fun.

(Embedded video below, but techno-boob, me, I can’t seem to get it framed correctly.  The complete video is here, with the option of viewing it full screen.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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