For a Good Time in Second Life….

Go to the Nature Publishing Group Island in Second Life where, at 10 Pacific Time, 1 Eastern Time, I’ll be talking about Newton and the Counterfeiter (Amazon,PowellsBarnes and NobleIndiebound) — where it came from, and at least a few of the high spots on what some of the key ideas might be….

For those wise in the ways of Second Life, I’m going to be spouting off at the Elucian Islands (214, 36, 57) and specifically in the Mt. Olympus Amphitheatre, whose appropriateness as a venue for this particular talk I will reveal in a later post.😉

It’s my first attempt at anything so virtual, so there might be some unintended comedy as well.  Not promising, mind you, just realistically assessing the probabilities.

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One Comment on “For a Good Time in Second Life….”

  1. jim Says:

    I saw this entry too late to get to the talk, but I went there anyway to see whether there was any information left behind. The owner told me that they have a recording, and it will be available next week, so any ther sluggards like me may not be entirely out of luck. Apologies is this is a dupe; my first two messages didn’t seem to get through.

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