Paul Krugman is wrong…Spinal Tap edition.

Sort of.

Under the headline, “Whom the gods would destroy….” he writes

… they first make Republican governors.

I mean, I suppose a classical education might incline you that way.  But watching the recent dances, be they tango,* or the funky chicken,**  I must say that the latest news has brought to mind nothing so much as a rather more profane instance of serial destruction.  That would be of course, the terrible fate that attended these people:

I mean, does Mark Sanford remind you more of Oedipus or of some bozo in a shower cap, gamely certain that he of all drummers can defeat the odds?

And Sarah Palin.  Is she Arachne, or some bozo taking a dive off a snare kit?

You make the call…but from where I sit, Paul Krugman does our friends waaaaaay too much honor.

*For the Hollywood version, happy ending variant, of the  Sanford moment, try this:

**And to capture the essence of  La Belle Sarah,  how about this:

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