Sorry for the posting hiatus. I’ve been clearing out a few promised bits of writing in support of Newton and the Counterfeiter (you’ve heard I recently published a book?  Oh.  You have.  Sorry.) and I just hit the point where it was time to put my head down and write the last of them, which I have now done.

So onwards:  more answers to questions nobody asked.*

*The pro’s definition of a sermon.

Image:  Niccolò da Bologna, 1494-1502, J. Paul Getty Trust.  From Wikimedia commons:  This illuminated letter ‘S’ is one of twenty known large historiated initials made for a choir book commissioned by the Carthusian monastery of Santo Spirito in Lucca.  The image depicts the Pentacost, the moment at which the gift of speaking in tongues descends upon the Apostles, enabling them to preach to the nations of the world.

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