Dog Bites Man Dept: Jonah Goldberg — Dumbest Man Alive?

Ex Isaac Chotiner via John Cole I learn that the black hole of stupid formed when Glenn Beck and Jonah Goldberg coalesced in a distortion of spacetime so strongly warped that not one particle of authentic fact could escape.  

Of particular note, this quote by Goldberg:

GOLDBERG: …I’m not calling Barack Obama a Hitler and I’m not calling him Nazis and all the rest. But, you know, in fascism, we saw the people’s car. We call it the Volkswagen, where the state said what we’re going to do is we’re going to take over the auto industry, government and business and unions are going to get together and we’re going to create cars to fill a political need rather than a market need and give people these cars.

I know that it is pointless to accumulate actual data from the world to deal with Goldberg’s Titanic-meet-iceberg ignorance, but just in case you want to read up on the truly astonishing history of Volkswagen and the Beetle, this Wikipedia article is a well sourced and entertaining place to start.

Among the “political points” made in the early gestation of that car was an attention to the design of a car that would be cheap to operate (its designer:  Ferdinand Porsche) and a save-to-buy scheme that served as a transport-to-the-masses catalyst that can be seen as an analogue to Henry Ford’s decision to pay his workers enough to afford the cars they built.

And I suppose that in the face of the deep well of stupid that is Goldberg/Beck, it is useless to note that Porshe had begun to design the Volkswagen in 1931, before Hitler rose to power, and that the car he finally developed  enjoyed a production run from 1938 – 2003.  That’s 65 years, if you’re counting.  About 23 million of them were sold.  My favorite Volkswagen performance statistic is the one from the famous track Nürburgring, at which a diesel powered Beetle in the fifties achieved a 0-60 time of one minute.  Smokin’ (literally, no doubt).

All this, not to invert Godwinism, but to note that of all the aspects of Hitler’s rule to focus on, the notion that jump-starting a major industry in a depression enormously more severe in Germany than the US is yet another instance of evil incarnate, is — how to put this gently — a gaping, smoking crater of dumb.  Not to mention picking on one of the top five or so industrial success stories of the 20th century as an example of what not-to-do.  

I can’t get the words to express the totality of dumb here.  I just can’t.  Wittgenstein time again, I guess: Whereof I cannot speak, therof  I must be silent.

(Oh — and one more thing (sorry Ludwig):  Not to be snarky or nuthin, but I wonder if it has ever crossed the mind of this defender of capitalism, Jonah Goldberg what he would do if he were not a loony-right legacy welfare queen?  Just askin’)

Image:  Flickr User Versatile Aure“Art car,” decorated Volkswagen “Beetle”, New Orleans. Photo taken during Mardi Gras 2007.  Used under a Creative Commons Licence 2.0

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3 Comments on “Dog Bites Man Dept: Jonah Goldberg — Dumbest Man Alive?”

  1. Linkmeister Says:

    You’re making an assumption that Goldberg is capable of introspection. I remember from high school science that formulating a hypothesis was step one in designing an experiment, but some hypotheses die aborning. I think this is one.

    • Tom Says:

      I’m afraid you are right. My question answers itself: it assumes a circumstance not to be found in this space-time continuum.

  2. AJ Hill Says:

    Like many readers of this estimable blog, I occasionally subject myself to Beck’s radio show (but not the television show; some images are beyond endurance!)
    Why do I do it?
    It’s not Beck himself. It’s his audience. We need to know that people exist who think frost on their windows in December is evidence against global warming.

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