The Future of Media…

According to Michael Harrison, talk radio vet and trade-rag editor:

AM/FM radio has about five good years left, if that. And what we consider to be radio today will be on the Internet. And the Internet websites will be media stations. The Internet is not only going to change radio; it’s going to change humanity. That’s how profound this revolution in communication will be.

Presented without comment from an interesting Boston Globe (the Undead!) q and a. conducted by someone I don’t usually have a lot of time for, Jeff Jacoby.

(Of course, I can’t let the Globe’s resident conservative playpen resident go without taking some kind of a swipe:  a real reporter would actually have interviewed Harrison and then done some more work to give the reader a chance to judge how much weight to give comments like the one quoted above.  But Jacoby is not, and I guess to be fair, does not here claim to be a reporter.)

Image: Eryk Lipiński, Polish propaganda poster warning people not to listen to the BBC — and hear, hear I say! (Except for the Food Programme, which my cousin produced for a while, and Start the Week, and whatever Melvyn Bragg is doing these days, and BBC World…and oh, well.  Suit yourself.) Before 1991.

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3 Comments on “The Future of Media…”

  1. jre Says:

    In 1990, not long after the Velvet Revolution, we made a family trip to Prague, where we stayed in a little pension on Wenceslas Square. Among my favorite memories of the place is the table radio, a holdover from the previous culture, and which had one control — a volume control.

    The single station to which it was tuned came in clearly, and played a lot of Czech bluegrass, so we didn’t mind.
    And the concept was hilarious.

    Today, there’s an internet radio on our kitchen counter, and it gets thousands of stations. I was overwhelmed by the variety, and had to settle for programming our five favorites into the preset buttons. It’s possible to have too many choices.

  2. BCC Says:

    Meda, Portugal, or Meda, Italy?

    Your resident typo curmudgeon.

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