Sighting: Newton and the Countefeiter First Review

As readers of this blog no doubt know too well by this point, I’m on the verge of publishing a new book called Newton and the Counterfeiter (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, June 4, 2009; Faber & Faber, August 20, 2009).  In the writing trade’s equivalent of the first robin of the spring, I just got word of the first pre-publication review, to appear in the May 1 edition of Kirkus Reviews.

I’ve seen it, and as I’m not sure of the propriety of actually posting the whole thing ten days before its official release, I’ll just say that the unsigned reviewer liked it very much, using such author-happy-making phrases as “Levenson (Science Studies/MIT; Einstein in Berlin, 2003, etc.) demonstrates a surpassing felicity in his brisk treatment of this late-17th-century true-crime adventure….” not to mention the reviewers summing up:   “Swift, agile treatment of a little known but highly entertaining episode in a legendary life.”

It’s unseemly, I know, to toot one’s own horn — but perhaps I can be forgiven for transmitting someone else’s riff on the same theme?

Image:  Eva Gonzales, Enfant de Troupe, 1870

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4 Comments on “Sighting: Newton and the Countefeiter First Review”

  1. I would trumpet it shamelessly.


  2. Tim F Says:

    Great news on the review, TL. Looking forward to reading my copy as soon as it arrives.

  3. Shameless self-promotion has already paid off. I preordered a copy from Amazon last night.

  4. Tom Says:

    Thanks, of course to all three of you. May your tribe ever increase. 😉

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