Tiptoeing back into blogging and I stumble upon…

this comment thread responding to DougJ’s Balloon Juice post on Michelle Bachmann’s call for an armed and dangerous Minnesotan citizenry to rise up against energy legislation. Standing out among much fine snark,  Kommrade Reproductive Vigor writes:

If you could weaponize idiocy Michelle would be a one woman arsenal of doom.

Precise, accurate, delightful.

I have missed the intertubes…

Image: Antonio Canova, “Perseus holding Medusa’s head.” ca. 1800.

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One Comment on “Tiptoeing back into blogging and I stumble upon…”

  1. “If you could weaponize idiocy…”

    I wonder how Rudyard Kipling might have completed the thought. Maybe: “…and not make thoughts your aim.” Yeah, that fits.

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