I and Thou Robot

What would Martin Buber have to say to these?

(H/t Kos, who clearly reads my hometown paper/site more assiduously than I do.)

Image:  Jaquet-Droz automata.

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2 Comments on “I and Thou Robot”

  1. Jeremy Price Says:

    From Buber’s Tale of the Hasidim (Vol. 2):

    “You can learn something from everything,” the rabbi of Sadagora once said to his hasidim. “Everything can teach us something, and not only everything God has created. What man has made has also something to teach us.”
    “What can we learn from a train?” one hasid asked dubiously.
    “That because of one second one can miss everything.”
    “And from the telegraph?”
    “That every word is counted and charged.”
    “And the telephone?”
    “That what we say here is heard there.”

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