Why is George Will?

I get these obsessions, you know. Someone persists in trainwrecking right in front of me, saying teh stoopid without ceasing, and I can’t turn away.

Will’s getting lumps long overdue for his climate change follies; I think some people are starting to notice that a bow tie, complex sentence structure, and a big vocabulary are not in themselves reliable indicators of competence or insight.  But I don’t know what to make of this latest quote:

“I don’t know when men started to hug each other, but hug they do, and look at that,”

I mean, the man claims to be a baseball fan and says stuff like that.  Leave aside the politics.  Has the man eyes to see and wit to understand?  And in any event, tell me, please, why this lazy thinker and tired writer continues to bully his audiences from so many different pulpits.  Be kind to the old fellow. Give him the rest he so clearly needs.

Image:  Jeff Dahl,  The Chicago White Sox celebrate after winning a tiebreaker game against the Minnesota Twins for a spot in the playoffs, 10-1-2008.

Acute readers will understand the signficance of the team featured here in the context of Will’s stated affections.

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One Comment on “Why is George Will?”

  1. “…and I can’t turn away.”

    That is why there are blogs.

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