Self Promotion: Really, really good wine dept.

My friend Abel Pharmboy, host and voice of Terra Sigillata, has just done me the honor of posting an old piece of mine about drinking a legendary wine — Chateau d’Yquem — for the first time.  I wrote I don’t know how many years ago for an airline magazine now long since evansesced.  It’s fun, and if you like reading about conspicuous (and delicious) consumption, go for it.

And while you’re there — if you haven’t checked out the serious stuff that Abel deals with when not thinking about cost-efficient ways to pay homage to Bacchus, dive into the real meat of his blog.

That is all.

Image:  Jan Vermeer van Delft, “Girl with a Wine Glass” 1610.

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One Comment on “Self Promotion: Really, really good wine dept.”

  1. Tom, it’s a really terrific piece. While I write about my wine experiences, I never can truly capture the sensory characteristics. The combination of your treatment of the history, the role of Botytis nobel rot, and the actual sensory experience made for terrific reading.

    As you may have seen, a very good friend, a senior colleague, was given a full bottle of D’Yquem at retirement. He copied your post to about 15-20 people at his old place who had contributed to the gift. While that’s not like selling 100,000 books, your article really helped people understand the relevance and the gravity of the gift they gave my friend.

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