Balloon Juice is Right

It is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel (memo to self:  has anyone ever actually done this?), but GOP craziness on basic macroeconomics does make for some tasty ridicule.

No one is delivering that abuse better right now than the crew at Balloon Juice, proprietor and recovering Republican John Cole, along with Tim F. and the new co-blogger DougJ, both whom hail from that subgroup of the reality based community that knows the three laws of thermodynamics.*

As for GOP idiocy on tax cuts/opposition to enabling Americans to work, see Cole here and here, Tim here, and Doug here, just for starters.  It’s an impressive haul for one morning’s work, but I want to pick up on one stray thought from DougJ’s contribution.  He writes

The stimulus package proposed by Obama is right out of a macroeconomic textbook (albeit with too many tax-cuts), as Paul Krugman puts it. To let them off the hook because they’re Republican or southern, or whatever the excuse is, is almost like some kind of racism.

To put that another way, I think what we have here, from the media and from the chattering classes in Washington, is the subtle bigotry of low expectations.  Time for the No Republican Left Behind Standards in Economics Argumentation Act of 2009.

Unfunded, of course.  They can afford to pay for the needed tutorials themselves.

That is all.

*Numbers 1-3, which can be loosely translated thusly:  you can’t win; you can’t break even; you can’t leave the game.

Image:  Adriaen van Ostade, “The Schoolmaster” 1662

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