1000 Words’ Worth…Bush Fail dept:

Check out this graph at Brad DeLong’s indispensible site.  See also Krugman’s version, with the boundaries of the Bush disaster conveniently marked in gray.  (Should have been black crepe– ed.)

It is perhaps too much of a simplification to suggest that this picture tells you all you need to know about the efficacy of tax cuts for employment creation…but not by much.

PS:  What the nonesense of last week was really about from the horse’s ass mouth:

Despite the struggle, some Republicans seemed to sense the White House would ultimately prevail, and sought political mileage.

Obama “could have had a very, very impressive victory early on,” said Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, who heads the Senate Republican campaign committee. “But this is not turning out to be an impressive victory. it is turning out to be a little bit of a black eye.”

Image:  Ernest Lindsay, “WPA Camp,”1936. U.S.Forest Service Database, Photo Number: 340843

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2 Comments on “1000 Words’ Worth…Bush Fail dept:”

  1. […] the Bush years conveniently marked for emphasis by Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, on this site. Here’s the graph, in all its decrepit […]

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