Who Cares About Warrantless Surveillance…

When we are so willing to do it to ourselves?   (h/t kos).

Seriously, it’s not just the law that hasn’t caught up with the technological transformation of the last decade or so.  Our own habits assume a level of trust in the cloud that the dataset is too small to justify.  IMHO, as always, and worth precisely what you paid for it.

Image:  Soviet Poster.  The caption reads, “An Easy Talker Is A Great Find For The Enemy!

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One Comment on “Who Cares About Warrantless Surveillance…”

  1. Spiv Says:

    I don’t know which is more fascinating, that such invasive things haven’t been abused more, or that even knowing how potentially dangerous such apps could be my immediate reaction was to think how very cool some of them sound.

    I was someone who resisted owning a cell phone: I didn’t particularly fancy everyone being able to get a hold of me anywhere/anytime. These days I find myself gripping the thing, expecting at any moment to get my bat-signal equivalent. I suppose these apps will be just the same: at first we’ll all find it invasive, then we’ll wonder what people did without them.

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