All The News That Fits We Print…CNN edition.

Whatever weaseling the spokesthangs do, this is not good news.

It’s also simply dumb.  It doesn’t take a weatherman to see that the winds blowing through Washington right now are much more attuned to issues in which reporters with the expertise and judgment that only comes from actually working a beat will be at a premium.  Energy policy, the environment, rebuilding infrastructure and on and on…in  a new administration that clearly values expertise to a depth unheard of for the last eight years…you’d think a competent news organization would want people who had been to a meeting or two, read a journal at least once, to help them figure out where the real stories lay.

But noooo….not CNN.

Ah well; this only leaves more opportunity for all of us in the free media world.  Now if only we could figure out how we (my students especially) could make a living at all of this.

It will happen.  Stay tuned — only not to the Completely Nugatory Network.

Image:  Francisco de Goya, “For Having Been Born Somewhere Else,”  ca 1814-1818, from a series of 8 drawign depicting victims of the Inquisition wearing dunce-like caps.

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