A Milestone — and an apology

Milestone first:  On Friday, this blog, in existence since early December last year, crossed the magic (well — not really) 100,000 visitor mark, a number which, if I interpret my WordPress stuff right, does not include any of you wonderful subscribers.

It ain’t quite in the big leagues yet — but I feel like we are together making good, steady progress up the system.  If I can make the leap from Portland to Pawtucket over the next year, then it’s all good. (A little local color for those of you not familiar with the Red Sox farm system.;)

Thanks to all who have taken a look.  May your tribe ever increase — and for my part, I’ve got some thoughts as to what to do to make this blog a continuingly useful place to come after next week.  Any suggestions gratefully received as well.

And that leads to the apology: I’ve gone into complete neurosis mode on the election.  The only  treatment I know (there is no cure) is to get my butt out and do something — anything.  So from Wed., every hour that my family does not need me and that my job does not require is going to be spent up in New Hampshire at the disposal of the Salem Democratic/Obama HQ.  I’ll try to get some stuff up, but blogging’s going to be a bit light from now through the fourth.

Best of luck to us all — and thanks again to all my readers.

Image:  “A Game of Baseball at the Polo Grounds...” engraving from Harper’s Young People, v. III (1882), p.524,

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2 Comments on “A Milestone — and an apology”

  1. Spiv Says:

    thanks for the blog, it’s good intelligent reading.

    Suggestions? Never dumb it down to hit a bigger group? Also I do appreciate the math-checking of the politics of things when they happen, more of that would be great if possible.

    Getting more traffic: link to articles in other blogs that are relevant, they tend to notice who’s sending them a little traffic, and likewise if you have a post that’s relevant to a larger blog forward them a message letting them know when you put up something that might be of interest to their readership. These are basics, and probably things you already do that i don’t pay good enough attention to.

    Kinda sorta related to another recent post you had: “pwn” comes from “owned,” and is a popularization of the typo much like “teh.” It comes from online gaming, and was initially a blunder of sorts: “I pwned that guy’s face” kind of thing, except in poor typing, the fellow “pwned” himself of sorts. That schadenfreude/irony seems to have been lost, and now is just interchangeable with “own.”

  2. Tom Says:

    Thanks for the good words, Spiv. I’ll do my best to keep standards up, though this election is grinding me down to the point that I fear that Ceti Eels are lodged in my brain.

    As for getting more traffic — that wasn’t really the point of the question, but it is true that the political lurch of this blog has left me neglecting the science blogosphere too much lately. One more week.

    In any event, thanks again for your sustained critical attn.

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